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Recorded: 5/4/17 in Ridgecrest NC
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(CMDA17-01) » The Hidden Power of God - Richard Swenson, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-02) » Being An Overcomer - Joshua 3 - Ellie Lofaro     Qty:
(CMDA17-03) » Undeniable Trends, Unstable World, Undefeatable God - Richard Swenson, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-04) » Whatever Happened To The Abundant Life? - Ellie Lofaro     Qty:
(CMDA17-05) » Principles of a Transformed Life - Gene Rudd, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-06) » Be Transformed Through Surrender (Friday) - Rev. Bert Jones     Qty:
(CMDA17-07) » Be Transformed Through Service (Saturday) - Rev. Bert Jones     Qty:
(CMDA17-08) » Be Transformed Through The Spirit (Sunday) - Rev. Bert Jones     Qty:
(CMDA17-09) » Leadership Fundamentals For Health Professionals - John Mellinger, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-10) » Is the Right of Conscience Obsolete? - C. Christopher Hook, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-11) » An Atheist Perspective on the Modern American Church - Grat Correll, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-12) » The Christian Mind: In the World - John Patrick, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-13) » The Christian Mind: In The Profession - John Patrick, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-14) » Spiritual Interventions in Clinical Practice (Intro and Prayer with Patients) - Walt Larimore, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-15) » Spiritual Interventions In Clinical Practice (The Spiritual History in Quality Patient Care & Building a Spiritual Care Team" - Walt Larimore, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-16) » Rights of Conscience and the Stormans Case - Dennis Sullivan, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-17) » Life Skills: The Anti-Fleece Method: Decision-Making God's Way - Glenn Pearson, FACHE     Qty:
(CMDA17-18) » Cross Cultural Graduate Medical Education - Keir Thelander, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-19) » Parenting Preschool and Elementary Aged Children through a Gospel Lens - Margaret Yoon, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-20) » The Secret to Practice Success - Peter Dawson, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA17-21) » Navigating between the Scylla of Steadfastness and the Charybdis of Acquiescence - William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-22) » Life Skills: Introduction to Human Trafficking: What healthcare trainees need to know - Rachel DiSanto, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-23) » Types of Pain in TMD Patients - William Angus, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA17-24) » Emergency Tropical Medicine Cases - Christo Philip, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-25) » Parenting Adolescents (and beyond) Through a Gospel Lens - Margaret Yoon, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-26) » Building an Authentic Christian Culture in Your Practice - Steve Cartin, BS, Mdiv     Qty:
(CMDA17-27) » Legal Issues for Conscientious Healthcare Professionals - Steven H. Aden, JD     Qty:
(CMDA17-28) » Life Skills: Demystifying Evangelism - Glenn Pearson, FACHE     Qty:
(CMDA17-29) » The Least of These - Elizabeth "Elise" Rich, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA17-30) » Panel Discussion: Cases and Questions of Healthcare Conscience in the Real World - William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD, MA; C. Christopher Hook, MD; Dennis Sullivan, MD, MA; Steve Aden, JD     Qty:
(CMDA17-31) » The Healthcare Professional and Human Trafficking - Gloria Halverson, MD     Qty:
(CMDA17-32) » The Christian Mind: In the Family - John Patrick, MD     Qty:
(CMDA14-33) » Planning and Executing a Short Term Dental Mission Trip - Warren Rich, DDS     Qty:
(CMDA17-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(CMDA17-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions On A Flash Drive     Qty:
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