International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference

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International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
Recorded: 9/17/17 in Atlanta GA
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(ICSC17-A) » Sunday Plenary Session - Most Reverend Joseph E. Kurtz, D.D.Archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky     Qty:
(ICSC17-B) » Wednesday Plenary Session - Most Reverend Robert F. MorneauAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin     Qty:
(ICSC17-01) » The Spirituality of Stewardship: Practical Suggestions for Making Stewardship a Way of Life - Dan Conway     Qty:
(ICSC17-02) » Fruits of a Stewardship Parish - Mila Glodava     Qty:
(ICSC17-03) » Stewardship: Rooted in and Nourished by the Sacraments - Reverend Joe Creedon     Qty:
(ICSC17-04) » Moving Beyond Sunday: Engaging and Connecting Your Parishioners with the Parish Mission - Katie Herzing, Joanie Lewis     Qty:
(ICSC17-05) » La Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad / The Spirituality of Stewardship - Coni Perez     Qty:
(ICSC17-06) » Maximizing the Annual Fund: Advanced Strategies that Work - Larry Furey     Qty:
(ICSC17-07) » Diocesan Stewardship and Development Team: How to Maximize Effectiveness - Patrick Grace, Jim Kelley, Renee Underwood     Qty:
(ICSC17-08) » Diocesan Support for Parishes - Peter de Keratry     Qty:
(ICSC17-09) » One Year Later - Lessons Learned - Angela Moloney, Gary Rectenwald     Qty:
(ICSC17-10) » Beyond the Goal: A New Paradigm for Diocesan Capital Campaigns - Steve Michalek, George C. Ruotolo, Jr., CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC17-11) » Creating a Culture of Service: Stewardship of Time and Talent - Mary Ann Otto     Qty:
(ICSC17-12) » Stewardship through the Lens of Evangelization and Disciple-Making - Tony Brandt, Hector Molina, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC17-13) » Engaging Young Adult Stewards - Darryl Dziedzic     Qty:
(ICSC17-14) » Strategic Planning: Make it Happen in Your Parish - Dr. Dan Ebener     Qty:
(ICSC17-15) » Como Implementar la Corresponsabilidad y Mantenerla Viva en la Parroquia / How to Implement Stewardship and Keep it Alive in the Parish - Monsignor Matthew Bernelli     Qty:
(ICSC17-16) » Effective Enrollment Planning and Recruitment Tactics - Nick Regina     Qty:
(ICSC17-17) » Successful Stewardship and Development Strategies in “Mission” Dioceses - Robert Anderson, Margaret Hampton, Chris Koch, Karina Sandoval, JoAnn Shull     Qty:
(ICSC17-18) » The Awe-Inspiring Potential of Planned Giving! - Sal Salvo     Qty:
(ICSC17-19) » How Advanced Learning Can Help You Better Serve the Church - Tammy Abshire, CFRE, Cory Howat, Lindsay Waltower, M.B.A., C.A.P.     Qty:
(ICSC17-20) » It’s All in the Data: Optimizing the Information and Fields Within Your Data to Increase Your Annual Appeal Direct Mail Response Rates - Kate McDonough Cominsky     Qty:
(ICSC17-21) » Hospitality: The First Principle of Parish Stewardship - Reverend John Bonavitacola, Deacon James Brett     Qty:
(ICSC17-22) » Heart of Worship: Creating a Culture of Welcoming Worship - Sharon Ehrenkranz, Reverend Drew Wood     Qty:
(ICSC17-23) » How Money Works in the Church - Very Reverend Andrew Kemberling, V.F.     Qty:
(ICSC17-24) » Rebuild My House: A Guide for Building or Renovating a Catholic Church - Arthur C. Lohsen, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP     Qty:
(ICSC17-25) » La Corresponsabilidad es Involucrar a la Comunidad Latinoamericana Localmente / Stewardship is Engaging the Latin-American Community Locally - Reverend Sergio Serrano, OP     Qty:
(ICSC17-26) » The Role of Special Events in Your Development Efforts - Frank Donaldson     Qty:
(ICSC17-27) » The Basics of Planned Giving in Parishes - Diane Duquette     Qty:
(ICSC17-28) » Is Our Future Bright? Diocesan Planning After the Greatest Generation - Kevin T. Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC17-29) » Foundation Fundamentals - Josephine Everly     Qty:
(ICSC17-30) » How to Properly Prepare For Your Next Church Capital Campaign - Michael Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC17-31) » Stewardship of Treasure - Monsignor Matthew Bernelli     Qty:
(ICSC17-32) » Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Award: Our Parish Stewardship Journey - Members of St. Patrick Catholic CommunityScottsdale, Arizona     Qty:
(ICSC17-33) » Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response – Past, Present and Future - Most Reverend Robert F. Morneau, Most Reverend Sylvester Ryan, Reverend John Koziol, OFM Conv., Dan Conway, Vito Napoletano     Qty:
(ICSC17-34) » Stewardship, Development and Fund Raising - Tony Oltremari     Qty:
(ICSC17-35) » De la Evangelización al Discipulado y al Liderazgo / From Evangelization to Discipleship to Leadership - Reverend Victor Reyes     Qty:
(ICSC17-36) » A Turnaround Story: How Omaha reversed 17 years of enrollment decline - Nic Prenger, J.D., Dr. Patrick Slattery     Qty:
(ICSC17-37) » Successful Annual Appeals for the Small Office - Jill McNally, Ron Schatz     Qty:
(ICSC17-38) » Designing Catholic Funding Strategy for Sustained Impact - Dr. Susan U. Raymond     Qty:
(ICSC17-39) » Practical Foundation Strategies for Working Effectively with Parishes - Joseph Citro     Qty:
(ICSC17-40) » Practical Ideas to Ensure Parish Giving Success - Jeff Bachelor     Qty:
(ICSC17-41) » Introducing Stewardship in a Parish - Kerry Ann Tornesello     Qty:
(ICSC17-42) » Refresh, Recharge, Renew: Stewarding the Pastoral Ministers in Your Parish - Laurie Whitfield     Qty:
(ICSC17-43) » Grateful Disciples: Leading Stewardship Efforts for Lasting Impact - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC17-44) » The Stewardship of Communication - Mike DiCosola     Qty:
(ICSC17-45) » Utilizando los Medios Sociales para Evangelizar a la Comunidad Latina / Using Social Media to Evangelize in the Latino Community - Armando Cervantes     Qty:
(ICSC17-46) » Head of School's Role in Advancing the Mission of their School - Larry Furey     Qty:
(ICSC17-47) » The Importance of Diocesan Stewardship Days - Mark Clark, Debra Leaverton, Mary Ann Otto     Qty:
(ICSC17-48) » Conducting Transformational Capital Campaigns in Hispanic Parishes - Jose Piñones     Qty:
(ICSC17-49) » Yes! Young Adults Can Thrive and Tithe in the Church! - Abbie Byron-Goslin, Janice Givens     Qty:
(ICSC17-50) » Best Practices for E-Giving in Diocesan Campaigns - Bradley Otto, Mike Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC17-51) » The Importance of Music in Parish Stewardship - Tom Kendzia     Qty:
(ICSC17-52) » Make Church Matter - Reverend Michael White, Tom Corcoran     Qty:
(ICSC17-53) » The Role of Stewardship in the Family - Mr. Brian Niebrugge     Qty:
(ICSC17-54) » Fundamentals of a Stewardship Parish: Accountability and Transparency - Deacon James Brett     Qty:
(ICSC17-55) » Promoviendo la Comunión, Fomentando la Participación / Promoting Communion, Encouraging Participation - Most Reverend Donald Hanchon     Qty:
(ICSC17-56) » Creating a Major Gift Program - Joyce Schreiber     Qty:
(ICSC17-57) » Unraveling the Mystery of Donor Retention: Improve Donor Loyalty AND Lifetime Value Today - Jon Biedermann     Qty:
(ICSC17-58) » Encouraging Top Campaign Donors to Take Future Leadership Roles - Thomas Kissane, John Notaro     Qty:
(ICSC17-59) » Marketing to Us – From Millennials’ Perspectives - Jeff Adams, Ryan Johnson, John Lanier, Angela O'Donoghue     Qty:
(ICSC17-60) » Promoting Stewardship in the Digital Age - Travis Gear     Qty:
(ICSC17-61) » The Art of Communicating Stewardship - Tracy Earl Welliver     Qty:
(ICSC17-62) » Using Smart-Phone Technology to Reach ALL of Your Parishioners - Peggy O'Flaherty     Qty:
(ICSC17-63) » Clergy to Clergy: Stewardship as a Blueprint for Living Our Vocation - Most Reverend Sylvester Ryan, Monsignor Stephen Churchwell, J.C.D.,Reverend Joe Creedon, Reverend Jan Schmidt,Reverend John Weatherill     Qty:
(ICSC17-64) » Determining the Needs of Your Parish: Using Parish Surveys and Assessments - James Gallo     Qty:
(ICSC17-65) » Involucrando a los Latinos en la Campaña Capital / Involving Latinos in Your Capital Campaign - Jose Piñones     Qty:
(ICSC17-66) » Increasing Alumni Participation in Your Catholic School - Frank Donaldson     Qty:
(ICSC17-67) » Engaging Diocesan Constituents Through Digital Media - Armando Cervantes, Cory Howat, Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC17-68) » Conducting an (Arch)Diocesan Capital Campaign the Second Time Around - Michael Cusack, Michael Goodwin     Qty:
(ICSC17-69) » Implementing a Planned Giving Program - John Sentovich     Qty:
(ICSC17-70) » A Field Guide to Millennials: Understanding the Impact of the Largest and Most Dominant Generation - April Parker     Qty:
(ICSC17-71) » Parish Stewardship Formation Forum - Larry Cadorniga, Melinda Gunn, Pat Spivey     Qty:
(ICSC17-72) » Using the Secular Sciences to Increase Your Effectiveness - Dr. Lois Locey     Qty:
(ICSC17-73) » International Impact of the Pastoral Letter - Rock Beharry , Jose Clemente, Teresa Keogh, Michael Murphy     Qty:
(ICSC17-74) » Parish Business Managers and Administrators – Open Forum - Linda Maccarone, Jim Mackey, Tony Oltremari     Qty:
(ICSC17-75) » Las Experiencias de la Corresponsabilidad en Nuestra Parroquia /Our Parish Stewardship Experiences - Myrtha Diaz-Medina, Coni Perez, Reverend Victor Reyes     Qty:
(ICSC17-76) » The Board’s Role in Advancement - James Friend     Qty:
(ICSC17-77) » Using Your Donor Data with Confidence - Kathy Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC17-78) » Changing the Landscape of Catholic Giving: The #iGiveCatholic Giving Day - Cory Howat, Josephine Everly     Qty:
(ICSC17-79) » Wrap Up Forum - Thomas Scholler     Qty:
(ICSC17-80) » A Data-Driven Look: Building a Thriving Parish in a Shifting Culture - Mardi Leese     Qty:
(ICSC17-CD Set) » - Complete Set of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC17-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive     Qty:
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