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Women Physicians In Christ
Recorded: 9/21/17 in Big Sky MT
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(WPC17-01) » Speak to the Mountain - Jean Wright, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-02) » Mountains of Laundry and Other Real Mountains - Jean Wright, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-03) » Stress in the Healthcare Provider - Eden Miller, DO     Qty:
(WPC17-04) » To Heaven and Back - Mary Neal     Qty:
(WPC17-05) » Treating Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care: A Practical Guide - Leslie Walker, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-07) » Travel to Developing Countries: Care of Self & Patients While on Short-term Mission Trips - Christine Borghi-Cavallaro, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-08) » The Evidence for Spirituality - Connie Hahn, DO     Qty:
(WPC17-09) » Advancements in Continuous Glucose Monitoring - Eden Miller, DO     Qty:
(WPC17-10) » Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice at Home and in Low-Middle Income Countries - Tina Slusher, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-11) » Unicorns, Zebras & Sharks: Unusual Diagnoses - Amy Rosine, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-12) » Discipleship: A Strategic Investment - Jane Goleman, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-13) » Therapeutic Laughter - Kathy Phelan, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-14) » Opioid Use Disorder in Pregnancy - Lorraine Milio, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-15) » Social Media Meets Medicine: Bane or Blessing? - Holly Austin, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-16) » Is There a Doctor on Board? Dealing with In-Flight Emergencies - Jillian Horner, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-17) » Identity Crisis: Physician, Clinician or Provider - Linda Flower, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-18) » The Praying Doctor - Pam Liang, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-19) » Dermoscopy for the PMD - Kelly Hood, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-20) » Lectio Divina-Hearing the Word of the Lord - Patti Francis, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-21) » The Challenges we have Faced and Continue to Face as Women in Medicine - Gloria Halverson, MD, Barb Okamoto, MD, Ruth Bolton, MD, Lisa Reimer     Qty:
(WPC17-22) » Living Life by God's Design - Lisa Souba     Qty:
(WPC17-23) » Save the Mothers: A Model for Sustainable International Aid - Shaun Gillis, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-24) » Go For It! Medical Missions Panel - Pam Liang,MD, Brenda Abraham, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-25) » Adolescent Suicide: How to Screen and What to Do - Sheila Idzerda, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-26) » Marriage Maintenance-What a Female Physician CAN Do - Cara Brown, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-27) » Who Has Time for Journaling? - Amy Rosine, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-28) » Understanding and Caring for Women in Unplanned Pregnancies - Mary Beth Adams, CNP     Qty:
(WPC17-29) » The Power of the Conversation: Pallative Care Pearls to Use in Your Practice Every Day - Becca Murphy, FNP     Qty:
(WPC17-30) » Healthcare Leadership from the Second Chair: Maximizing Influence When You Are NOT in Charge - Michael Chupp, MD     Qty:
(WPC17-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a flash drive     Qty:
(WPC17-CD) » - Complete Set of CDs     Qty:
(WPC17-32) » Sunday morning worship - Jane Goleman     Qty:
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