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Recorded: 11/2/17 in Indianapolis IN
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(ReChurch17-01) » "Park: Standing Firm on the Essentials is Not the Same as Standing Still" - Dan Hamel     Qty:
(ReChurch17-02) » "Reverse: Living in the Past vs. Learning From the Past" - Gary Johnson     Qty:
(ReChurch17-03) » "Neutral: Contemplative vs. Complacent: Knowing the Right Reason for Shifting Into Neutral" - Dan Hamel     Qty:
(ReChurch17-04) » "Drive: Learning to Think Forward Can Move Us Forward" - Gary Johnson     Qty:
(ReChurch17-05) » "Driving in Traffic: Navigating Through Change, Criticism, and Ministry Potholes" - Tom Harrigan     Qty:
(ReChurch17-06) » "Shaping Leaders Who Can Take the Wheel" - Mark Miller     Qty:
(ReChurch17-07) » "Shifting Into Drive: Effective Elders Affect Change" - Gary Johnson, Jim Estep, David Roadcup     Qty:
(ReChurch17-08) » "Hope For Hard Places: When Detours and Breakdowns Threaten the Journey" - Susie Howard     Qty:
(ReChurch17-09) » "Recruit a Racing Team/Partnerships in your Community" - Marcie Luhigo     Qty:
(ReChurch17-10) » "Compassion Without Compromise: Engaging the LGBTQ Community with Grace & Truth" - Paulette Stamper     Qty:
(ReChurch17-11) » "What Drives You: How Your Personality Affects How You Lead" - Laura Dingman     Qty:
(ReChurch17-12) » "Put the Family in Drive" - Children's Team     Qty:
(ReChurch17-14) » "Learn Your 5 Gears And How to Use Them" - Kevin Hart & Brock Pickett     Qty:
(ReChurch17-15) » "From Drive to Neutral: What Rest and Sabbath Means for Leaders in the Church" - Shan Caldwell     Qty:
(ReChurch17-16) » "What Fuels your Ministry: Framing Today's Ministry with a Timeless Foundation" - Emerson Kennedy & Chad Tucker     Qty:
(ReChurch17-17) » "Designated Driver: Who is Doing the Driving" - Scott Heller     Qty:
(ReChurch17-19) » "Resolving Workplace Conflict" - Shan Caldwell     Qty:
(ReChurch17-20) » "Strategic Execution Drives Healthy Churches" - Mark Miller     Qty:
(ReChurch17-21) » "Financial Fuel for Ministry: Raising Dollars vs. Raising Disciples" - Kevin Hart & Gary Johnson     Qty:
(ReChurch17-22) » "Eyes on the Road: How to Keep Your Ministry Mission-Driven" - Tom Harrigan     Qty:
(ReChurch17-23) » "Surviving Overdrive: Creating Sustainable Rhythms for Life in Ministry" - Matt & Laura Dingman     Qty:
(ReChurch17-24) » "Invest in Alignment: Driving Change Will be a Smoother Ride" - Marcie Luhigo     Qty:
(ReChurch17-CD Set) » Complete Set of CDs -     Qty:
(ReChurch17-MP3 Set) » All Sessions on a flash drive (MP3 format) -     Qty:
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