International Conference On Missions

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International Conference On Missions
Recorded: 11/16/17 in Peoria IL
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(ICOM17-03) » Amazingly Complete? - Vivert Lall     Qty:
(ICOM17-01) » God's Amazing Plan - Jerry Harris     Qty:
(ICOM17-02) » Amazingly Led? - Henry Huregea     Qty:
(ICOM17-04) » Amazingly Incomplete? - Mike Nichols     Qty:
(ICOM17-05) » Amazingly More? - Enoch Nyador     Qty:
(ICOM17-06) » God's Amazing Self-Portrait - Dwain Illman     Qty:
(ICOM17-07) » Informative Biblical Metaphors of the Church: Together as a Family (Friday Bible Study) - Dr. Bob Smith     Qty:
(ICOM17-08) » Informative Biblical Metaphors of the Church: Together as a Temple (Saturday Bible Study) - Dr. Bob Smith     Qty:
(ICOM17-09) » Informative Biblical Metaphors of the Church: Together as a Body (Sunday Bible Study) - Dr. Bob Smith     Qty:
(ICOM17-10) » Friday Lunch With Missionaries - Timothy Shields, Abby Weller, Greg Swinney, Haruka Otsuka, Hideo Yoshii     Qty:
(ICOM17-11) » Saturday Lunch With Missionaries - Emrys Rees, Kristina Fry, Jessica Fry, Debra Foster, Rod Vaughn, Osacar Aquirre     Qty:
(ICOM17-12) » Common Ground (For Women Only) - Danielle Wheeler     Qty:
(ICOM17-13) » Scripted: Helping Youth Find Direction - Dale Puckett     Qty:
(ICOM17-14) » Aquaculture/Aquaponics - Corey Courtwright     Qty:
(ICOM17-15) » Inner Healing: Prayer for Missionaries - Rachel Heinbaugh     Qty:
(ICOM17-16) » Check-writers or Sending Church? - Brian Gibson     Qty:
(ICOM17-17) » How to be Your Missionaries Favorite Church - Chris Reed     Qty:
(ICOM17-18) » We're Sending our Children and Grandchildren Where? (Part 1 of 2) - Mark & Jill Brazle     Qty:
(ICOM17-19) » Living Without Health Insurance: Health Care Sharing - Brian Heller & Pati Heller     Qty:
(ICOM17-20) » Serving the University Mission Field Together: Strengthening Partnerships Between the Local Church and Campus Ministries - Dave Embree & Lowell Kosak     Qty:
(ICOM17-21) » Sharing Your Faith With a Muslim - Saleem Massey     Qty:
(ICOM17-22) » Dissatisfaction - Why Zume? Why DMM? - Curtis Sergeant, Frank Schattner, Eric Barry, David Linn, Rob Jankowski, Terry & Amy Ruff     Qty:
(ICOM17-23) » Strengthening Mission Workers through Coaching - Jon Taylor     Qty:
(ICOM17-24) » Effective Elders: Serving From A Deep Well - The Spiritual Development and Growth of the Elder / A Biblical Overview of the Job Description of the Elder - David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM17-25) » Honor and Shame: What's the Big Deal? (Part 1) - Mike Schrage, Chris Flanders     Qty:
(ICOM17-27) » Disaster Planning: How to Help - Rick Jett     Qty:
(ICOM17-28) » Guaranteed Church Growth Disciple Making System - Michael Householder     Qty:
(ICOM17-29) » Standards of Highly Effective Short Term Missions - Ryan Schlangen     Qty:
(ICOM17-30) » Going Deeper with God through Spiritual Warfare and Prayer - Steve Hemphill     Qty:
(ICOM17-31) » Love > Fear - Cassandra Ma     Qty:
(ICOM17-32) » How to Use Agriculture to Spread the Gospel (Part 1) - Brian Smith     Qty:
(ICOM17-34) » Hearing His Voice - You Want Me, Lord - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-35) » God in the City - Kendi Howells-Douglas & Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-36) » Encounters with His Glory / Discipling through Worship - Sergio Villanueva     Qty:
(ICOM17-37) » What's Your Game Plan for the Second Half? - Larry Freed     Qty:
(ICOM17-40) » Student Ministry the Right Way - Sonny Woollard     Qty:
(ICOM17-41) » The Process Jesus Modeled in a Developing Disciple (Part 1 of 2) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM17-42) » Managing Crisis Trauma: Before, During, and After - Troy Backhuus     Qty:
(ICOM17-43) » Partnering in Prayer - Neal Pirolo, Greg Pruett     Qty:
(ICOM17-44) » (Re)Building a Better Mission's Program - Todd Brown     Qty:
(ICOM17-45) » Reaching Animists for Christ - David Dale     Qty:
(ICOM17-47) » Church Planting in Globalized Urban Areas - Jay Greer     Qty:
(ICOM17-48) » Reaching the Nations Next Door - Jared Looney     Qty:
(ICOM17-49) » Effective Elders: How to Recruit and Train Elders for Servant Leadership / Building Effective Elder Teams Who Get Things Done - David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM17-50) » How to Put Your Online Presence and Social Media to Work for Your Mission (Part 1 of 2) - Bill Belew     Qty:
(ICOM17-51) » Igniting Movements Through National Leaders - Josh Howard     Qty:
(ICOM17-52) » Thirty Fun and Different Ways to Infuse Prayer into Your Small Group - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM17-53) » Training Youth Leaders Cross-culturally - Dale Puckett, Jesse Frame, Aaron Arnold     Qty:
(ICOM17-54) » Going Deeper with God through Hearing and Responding to God's Voice - Mark Whited     Qty:
(ICOM17-55) » Combating the Sex Trafficking of Underage Boys - Wade Landers     Qty:
(ICOM17-56) » Incarnational Believers: Challenging Lessons for the Church (Part 1 of 2) - Paul Pennington     Qty:
(ICOM17-57) » Leadership - Clay Perkins     Qty:
(ICOM17-58) » Steps of Faith - Tips & Tools for Getting From Here to There - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-59) » Why are Bible Colleges So Important on the Mission Field? - Tony Twist, Henry Buregea, Paul Clark, Daiki Kishimoto     Qty:
(ICOM17-60) » Take One Dose of Hope, and Call Me in the Morning - Lonnie Burley     Qty:
(ICOM17-62) » Marketplace Ministry - Business and Missions - Kevin Dooley     Qty:
(ICOM17-64) » Understanding the Mind of Adolescence - Teddy Haubner     Qty:
(ICOM17-65) » The Process Jesus Modeled ina Developing Disciple (Part 2 of 2) - Dann Spader     Qty:
(ICOM17-66) » Weathering Change ina Cross-Cultural Environment - Laura Wood     Qty:
(ICOM17-67) » Missionary Care Myths and Misconceptions - Andrew Jit, Neal Pirolo, David Wilson     Qty:
(ICOM17-68) » The Forgotten Ambition: Translating the Word of God Where Christ is Not Known - Greg Pruett     Qty:
(ICOM17-69) » Stuff to Know Before You Go - Preparing STM Teams for a Lifetime of Service - Kathy Mort     Qty:
(ICOM17-72) » Beyond Lone Ranger Church Planting - Lance Hurley, Dee Armes, Rick Champ     Qty:
(ICOM17-73) » Vision Of What Is Possible - What is Zume? What Is DMM? - Curtis Sergeant, Frank Schattner, Eric Barry, David Linn, Rob Jankowski, Terry & Amy Ruff     Qty:
(ICOM17-74) » The Calling Journey - Michael Van Dyk & Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM17-75) » Effective Elders: Governance in the Church-Whose Really In Charge? Ministers and Elders Serving Together in Unity and Love - What Does Scripture Say? - David Roadcup     Qty:
(ICOM17-76) » Planting Churches in Sub-Zero Climates - Scott LaRue, Dima Lazouta, Mike Pabarcus     Qty:
(ICOM17-77) » Rediscover Your Heart and the Heart of Your Ministry - Laura Mullenix     Qty:
(ICOM17-78) » Why is Community Health Evangelism in 127 Countries Around the World? - Bryan Benz, Linda Brock, Garold Elston     Qty:
(ICOM17-79) » 7 Key Questions for Effective Ministries - Jim Powell     Qty:
(ICOM17-80) » Empathizing with Global Youth - Dale Puckett, Jesse Frame, Aaron Arnold     Qty:
(ICOM17-81) » Going Deeper with God Through Humility - Mike Lazadder     Qty:
(ICOM17-82) » Is D-Course for You? Are you for D-Course? - Team Expansion Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-83) » Incarnational Believers: Challenging Lessons for the Church (Part 2 of 2) - Paul Pennington     Qty:
(ICOM17-84) » Change Management - Clay Perkins     Qty:
(ICOM17-85) » Perseverance Under Trial - Staying Engaged Through Tough Times - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-86) » Walking with Jesus Through Tough Times - David Butts     Qty:
(ICOM17-87) » 6 Secrets for Being an Effective Communicator - Jonathan Alarcon     Qty:
(ICOM17-89) » The Deaf: An Unreached People Unlike Any Other - Chad Entinger     Qty:
(ICOM17-90) » What About the Other 90% - David Duncan     Qty:
(ICOM17-91) » Mr. & Mrs. Missionary: Maintaining a Strong Marriage in Cross Cultural Ministry - Margaret Pennington     Qty:
(ICOM17-92) » Planes, Trains, and Missionary Kids (MKs) - Perry Bradford, Mark Brazle, Amy Cunningham     Qty:
(ICOM17-93) » So you Want to Go to Jail? - Shawn Springer, Lynn Cole Springer     Qty:
(ICOM17-94) » Dark Deceptions - Lynn Lusby, Pratt & Lena Wood     Qty:
(ICOM17-95) » Leading from a Deep Well - Mark Miller     Qty:
(ICOM17-96) » Giving Your Life Away on the University Campus - Panel Of Campus Ministers     Qty:
(ICOM17-97) » Crucial Differences Between Islam and Christianity - Amani Mustafa     Qty:
(ICOM17-98) » Vision of Who is Possible - Who Should use Zume? Who is God Using to Start DMMs? - Curtis Sergeant, Frank Schattner, Andy Smith, Eric Barry, David Linn, Rob Jankowski     Qty:
(ICOM17-99) » Conversational Coaching - Michael Van Dyk & Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM17-100) » Mormonism - Cult or Culture? A Contextual Approach to Reaching Mormons - Matthew Anderson     Qty:
(ICOM17-101) » Do Not Be Afraid - Overcoming the Fears That Hold Us Back - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-102) » Going Deeper With God Through Understanding Spiritual Wafare - Paul Covert     Qty:
(ICOM17-103) » Future Crime ina Chaotic World: A Christ Centered Look at Technology and Human Exploitation - Opal Singleton     Qty:
(ICOM17-104) » Come and Learn about Japan - Haruka Otsuka     Qty:
(ICOM17-105) » Culture - Clay Perkins     Qty:
(ICOM17-106) » The Challenge of Starting a Church - Adrian Alarcon     Qty:
(ICOM17-107) » Engaging with People from Refugee Backgrounds Pt. 2: Love Mercy - Traci Harrod     Qty:
(ICOM17-108) » Debriefing Short Term Missions - Gary Green     Qty:
(ICOM17-109) » Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement - Glen & Wendy Gibson     Qty:
(ICOM17-110) » Missionaries Have Baggage?.Help Them Unpack - Dr. Gary Green     Qty:
(ICOM17-111) » We're Sending our Children and Grandchildren Where? (Part 2 of 2) - Mark & Jill Brazle     Qty:
(ICOM17-112) » Breaking the Broken - Rob Kendall     Qty:
(ICOM17-113) » Bridging Cultures for Christ - Tom & Sandie Kilian     Qty:
(ICOM17-114) » Muslim Women - Amani Mustafa     Qty:
(ICOM17-117) » How to Put Your Online Presence and Social Media to Work for Your Mission (Part 2 of 2) - Bill Belew     Qty:
(ICOM17-118) » Does it Matter Anyway - Finding Purpose and Significance Through Service - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-119) » Going Deeper with God Through Journaling - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM17-120) » Exploring Holistic Approaches in Combating Trafficking and Exploitation - Stephanie Freed     Qty:
(ICOM17-121) » Leadership Development - Clay Perkins     Qty:
(ICOM17-122) » International Church Planting - David Giles     Qty:
(ICOM17-124) » Your Missionary Care Questions Answered - Perry Bradford, Gary Green, Neal Pirolo, Mark Whited, David Wilson     Qty:
(ICOM17-125) » The RISE Project - Grant Recipients Tell Their Story of Reaching International Students - Greg Swinney     Qty:
(ICOM17-126) » Media and the Historical Change in the Middle East - Amani Mustafa     Qty:
(ICOM17-127) » Leaving a Legacy - Dean Trune     Qty:
(ICOM17-128) » How Various Nations Work Together with Their Different Gifts - Rob Harris, Dieter Tretz     Qty:
(ICOM17-129) » Shut in But Not Shut Out - Matt Faust     Qty:
(ICOM17-130) » Life at the Crossroads - Discerning God's Next Step For You - Panel     Qty:
(ICOM17-131) » Going Deeper with God Through Silence, Solitude, and Sabbath - Lowell Kosak     Qty:
(ICOM17-132) » A Missionary Model for Aftercare - Kevin Segal     Qty:
(ICOM17-133) » How to Use Agiculture to Spread the Gospel (Part 2) - Brian Smith     Qty:
(ICOM17-134) » La Adventura de Ser y Plantar Una Iglesia - Daniel Mercado     Qty:
(ICOM17-135) » Engaging with People From Refugee Backgrounds Pt. 3: Walk Humbly - Traci Harrod     Qty:
(ICOM17-136) » Security Considerations for Short-Term Teams - John Lites     Qty:
(ICOM17-138) » Saturday am Teen Main Session - Caitlyn Smelser     Qty:
(ICOM17-139) » Saturday pm Teen Main Session -     Qty:
(ICOM17-140) » Honor and Shame: What's the Big Deal? (Part 2) - Mike Schrage, Chris Flanders     Qty:
(ICOM17-CD) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(ICOM17-DVD) » - Main Session DVDs With Workshop CDs     Qty:
(ICOM17-mp3) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(ICOM17-DVD/Flash Drive) » - Main Session DVDs With Workshop MP3s     Qty:
(ICOM17-63) » Where The Gospel Meets Racial Reconcilliation - Jesse Eubanks     Qty:
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