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Next Level Conference
Recorded: 2/7/18 in Savannah GA
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(NL18-01) » What if God Gave the Best Answer in the Worst Time? - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-02) » What If We Understood the Generations We Are Trying to Reach? - Jerry Harris     Qty:
(NL18-03) » Stimulating Growth When You Feel Stuck - Rusty George     Qty:
(NL18-04) » Knowing the Voices to Listen to...And the Voices to Ignore - Rusty George     Qty:
(NL18-05) » What If We Were the Leaders God Intended for Us to Be? - Jerry Harris     Qty:
(NL18-06) » What If Big Dreams Do Come True? - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-07) » Effective Communications: Using Today's Platforms to Reach the Widest Audience - Esther Grifin     Qty:
(NL18-08) » Streaks & DMs: Discipling Students in a Social Media Culture - Katie Kavanaugh     Qty:
(NL18-09) » Measuring Success ina Growing Church - Greg Schuette     Qty:
(NL18-10) » What Does Your Nursery Say About Your Church - Maggie Adkinson     Qty:
(NL18-11) » Happily Ever After - Ken Philbeck     Qty:
(NL18-12) » The Do's and Don?ts of Leading a Multi-Generational Team - Dave Allgire     Qty:
(NL18-13) » The Wonder Woman Workout - Sarah Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-14) » Why Worship? - Drew Humphreys     Qty:
(NL18-15) » What if Short-term Mission Trips Could Change Your Church? - Dave Stewart     Qty:
(NL18-16) » Perspective of Ministry from the Elders in the Local Church - Harvey Bream     Qty:
(NL18-17) » Thursday - Q & A Panel     Qty:
(NL18-18) » What if we Finished Well? - Jerry Harris     Qty:
(NL18-19) » Creating a Dynamic Volunteer Culture - Steve Angel     Qty:
(NL18-20) » Using Social Media as if People Mattered - Andrew Frazier     Qty:
(NL18-21) » The Do's and Don'ts of Leadership at Multi-Site Churches - Dave Allgire     Qty:
(NL18-22) » What If Your Children's Ministry Dream Team was Right under Your Nose - Rob Conatser     Qty:
(NL18-23) » Embracing the Messiness of Life Groups - Steve Curran     Qty:
(NL18-24) » Leading Through Ministry Turnover - Harvey Bream     Qty:
(NL18-25) » Numbers, More thabn Just a Book in the Bible - Greg Schuette     Qty:
(NL18-26) » The Power of Story: Using Stories of True Life Change to Draw People to Jesus - Esther Grifin     Qty:
(NL18-27) » What if Your Church Could Change the Way Your Community sees Jesus? - Dave Stewart     Qty:
(NL18-28) » Helping Orient Your Elders and Deacons - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-29) » Breaking Through Barriers - Cam Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-30) » Welcome Home: Creating an Exceptional Guest Experience - Victoria Stewart     Qty:
(NL18-31) » Making Church a Priority in a Sport-First Culture - Samuel Robinowich     Qty:
(NL18-32) » Homosexuality and Transgenderism in the Church: Compassion without Compromise - Dave Allgire     Qty:
(NL18-33) » What if Sunday Really was the Best Day of a Child's Week? - Billy Whitaker     Qty:
(NL18-34) » Uniting Groups - Steve Curran     Qty:
(NL18-35) » Empower Your Brand to Grow the Kingdom - Erin Sikes     Qty:
(NL18-36) » What if Prayer was My Home? - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL18-37) » Strategically Aliging Your Ministry - Jay Jones     Qty:
(NL18-38) » What if Your Church Could Change the Future Of Your Community - Jason Koster     Qty:
(NL18-39) » What If the Church Embraced Jesus' Words About Disability? - Ability Ministry     Qty:
(NL18-40) » Friday - Q & A Panel     Qty:
(NL18-41) » Using the Calendar to Inspire Growth - Rusty George     Qty:
(NL18-42) » Train Yourself Out of a Job: Empowering Volunteers to Lead the Ministry - Bill Gross     Qty:
(NL18-43) » Talking to Students About Difficult Things - Jon Smith     Qty:
(NL18-44) » Navigating Through Changes in Ministry - Jay Jones     Qty:
(NL18-45) » Being Part of the Story God is Writing in the Families You Serve - Michelle Leekley     Qty:
(NL18-46) » Starting a Regional Campus from Scratch - John-Mark Romans     Qty:
(NL18-47) » Ministry and the Art of Saying No - Marcus Johnson     Qty:
(NL18-48) » Awaken the - Bill McGee     Qty:
(NL18-49) » Finding Renewed Energy for Ministry - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL18-50) » Creating Worship Experiences - Andrew Frazier     Qty:
(NL18-51) » Pre-Conference Main Session - Harrison Huxford, Marcus Johnson, Mike Frazier, Ken Philbeck, Dave Allgire     Qty:
(NL18-52) » Love Like Jesus - Harrison Huxford     Qty:
(NL18-53) » What if Memorizing Scripture Really Could Alter the Way you Feel and Think? - Bill Gross     Qty:
(NL18-54) » Balancing Work and Family - Jim Bolen     Qty:
(NL18-55) » What If You Were More Than Your Work? - Mike Frazier     Qty:
(NL18-56) » How to Make a Monster Listen - Bill McGee     Qty:
(NL18-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(NL18-MP3 Set) » - All Sessions On a flashdrive (MP3 format) (when ordering , check cd for format)     Qty:
(NL18-DVD/CD) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop CDs     Qty:
(NL18-DVD/MP3) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop MP3s     Qty:
(NL18-CD/DVD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs with Main Session DVDs     Qty:
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