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OCC Preaching - Teaching Convention
Recorded: 2/19/18 in Joplin MO
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(PT18-01) » Be Strong & Lead - Dr. Mark Moore     Qty:
(PT18-02) » Be Strong & Trust - Drew Moore     Qty:
(PT18-03) » Be Strong & Obey - David Rutherford     Qty:
(PT18-04) » Be Strong & Worship - Drew Sherman     Qty:
(PT18-05) » Be Strong & Pray - Sean Palmer     Qty:
(PT18-06) » Be Strong & Show Mercy - Jon Kehrer     Qty:
(PT18-07) » Be Strong & Advance - Rick Atchley     Qty:
(PT18-08) » Leadership Lessons From Joshua (Part 1) - Dr. Mark Moore     Qty:
(PT18-09) » Leadership Lessons From Joshua (Part 2) - Dr. Mark Moore     Qty:
(PT18-10) » - President's Banquet     Qty:
(PT18-11) » Hymn Sing - Murray Hollis, Dr. Genilyn McCaffrey     Qty:
(PT18-12) » Turning a Church Around - Nathan Rector     Qty:
(PT18-13) » How the Church Should Respond to Racialized Events (Part 1) - Brian Jennings, Sean Palmer, Jaron Scott     Qty:
(PT18-14) » Reaching the Hispanic Community - Mario Gonzalez     Qty:
(PT18-15) » Preaching Truth and Grace for the Funeral of a Suicide - Warren Brosi     Qty:
(PT18-16) » Honoring God in Family Caregiving - Greg Hafer     Qty:
(PT18-17) » Serve God With A Clear Conscience - Dr. Don Ott     Qty:
(PT18-18) » Sensible Strategies For Church Security - Chad Ragsdale     Qty:
(PT18-19) » The Most Dangerous Place in America: The University Campus - Dave Embree     Qty:
(PT18-20) » God's Design For Sex - Aanna Greer     Qty:
(PT18-21) » Ministering To Singles In Your Church - Doug Welch     Qty:
(PT18-22) » Team Building - Stacey Spikereit     Qty:
(PT18-23) » When Marriage & Ministry Collide - Sergio & Jackie Rizo     Qty:
(PT18-24) » Scaling a Staff For Growth - Nathan Rector     Qty:
(PT18-25) » How The Church Should Respond To Racialized Events (Part 2) - Brian Jennings & Sean Palmer     Qty:
(PT18-26) » Worship Matters - Dr. Genilyn McCaffrey     Qty:
(PT18-27) » Seven Qualities Needed For Long-Term Ministry - Warren Brosi     Qty:
(PT18-28) » Handling Stress In Ministry - Reg Higginbottom     Qty:
(PT18-29) » Counsel With TLC - Dr. Don Ott     Qty:
(PT18-30) » Reaching The Nations From Your Kitchen Table - Greg Swinney     Qty:
(PT18-31) » Post-College, But Not Post-Adolescent: How Can The Church Shepherd Those Elusive 20-Somethings? - Dave Embree     Qty:
(PT18-32) » Virginity VS. Chastity - Aanna Greer     Qty:
(PT18-33) » Building A Bridge From The Church To The Community - Addie Jarrett     Qty:
(PT18-34) » Leadership Imperatives For Ministering To Generation Z College Students - Dr. Marva Wesley     Qty:
(PT18-35) » Unarmed Empire - Sean Palmer     Qty:
(PT18-36) » Challenging Your Church To Take Every Thought Captive: A Live Podcast From The Every Thought Captive Podcast - Michael DeFazio, Chad Ragsdale, and Doug Welch     Qty:
(PT18-37) » Counsel With the Mind Of Christ - Dr. Don Ott     Qty:
(PT18-38) » The Church's Ministry to Law Enforcement And Other Public Servants - Kip Nelson     Qty:
(PT18-39) » Issues Of Sexuality - Aanna Greer     Qty:
(PT18-40) » Service Comes Before Success - Ken Idleman     Qty:
(PT18-41) » Jesus The Master Leader - Dr. Mark Moore     Qty:
(PT18-42) » Creating a Culture Of Generosity - Barry Cameron     Qty:
(PT18-43) » Navigation: Charting The Course (Strategic Planning) - Tim Wallingford     Qty:
(PT18-44) » Deacons as Leaders - Jim Dalrymple     Qty:
(PT18-45) » Let All the Children Come (Part 1): Starting a Special Needs Respite Care Ministry - Eric & Alison Boles     Qty:
(PT18-46) » How Pre-Teens Learn - Patrick Snow     Qty:
(PT18-47) » Recruiting, Training, and Keeping Your KidMin Volunteers - Teresa Welch     Qty:
(PT18-48) » Let All the Children Come (Part 2): Integrating Special Needs Kids into KidMin Programs - Eric & Alison Boles     Qty:
(PT18-49) » Creativity in Teaching Kids the Bible - Drew Crisp     Qty:
(PT18-50) » Heart for Student Ministry (Part 1 of 2) - Drew Moore     Qty:
(PT18-51) » Heart for Student Ministry (Part 2 of 2) - Drew Moore     Qty:
(PT18-52) » Crucial Counseling Issues Facing Adolescents Today - Dr. Gary Zustiak     Qty:
(PT18-53) » Recognizing and Maintaining Healthy Tensions Within Worship Ministry (Part 1 of 3) - Isaac Schade     Qty:
(PT18-54) » Recognizing and Maintaining Healthy Tensions Within Worship Ministry (Part 2 of 3) - Isaac Schade     Qty:
(PT18-55) » Recognizing and Maintaining Healthy Tensions Within Worship Ministry (Part 3 of 3) - Isaac Schade     Qty:
(PT18-CD Set) » - Complete Set of CDs (Does NOT Include the Pre-Convention)     Qty:
(PT18-CD Set Plus) » - Complete Set of CDS (Does Include the Pre-Convention)     Qty:
(PT18-DVD Set) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop CDs     Qty:
(PT18-MP3 Set) » - All the sessions on a flash drive (PM3 format)     Qty:
(PT18-MP3/DVD Set) » - Main Session DVDs with Workshop MP3s     Qty:
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