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Women Physicians In Christ
Recorded: 9/20/18 in Burlington VT
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(WPC18-01) » How the Deep Satisfaction of the Gospel Brings Joy - Bill Reichart     Qty:
(WPC18-02) » Joyful Leadership - Sally Knox, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-03) » Joy When Life is Hard - Lina AbuJamra, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-04) » Surrender Your Junior God Badge - Jackie Kendall     Qty:
(WPC18-05) » Opioids: Trends, Tools, and Training - Clydette Powell, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-06) » Telomeres and Torah: The Science and Faith of Longevity - Jean Wright, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-07) » The Joy Found in Understanding Personality Types of patients and Practitioners - Sabrina Black, MA Counseling     Qty:
(WPC18-08) » Applying Spiritual Health to Your Practice - Connie Hahn, DO     Qty:
(WPC18-09) » Adult Children, Aging Parents: Strategies for Addressing Common Challenges - Leslie Walker, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-10) » Mourning to Joy - Regina Frost, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-11) » Restorative Prayer - Stacey Lemanski, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-12) » Adult Children, Aging Parents: Facilitating Difficult Conversations - Alvera Stern     Qty:
(WPC18-13) » When the Doctor Needs a Doctor: The Joy of Mental Health for Medical Professionals - Sabrina Black, MA Counseling     Qty:
(WPC18-14) » Lady-in-Waiting: How to Avoid a Bozo in a Life Mate - Jackie Kendall     Qty:
(WPC18-15) » Leadership in Crisis - Lina AbuJamra, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-16) » The Care of Anorectal Disorders in the Primary Care Setting - Rebekah Kim, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-17) » From Exhausted to Energized: Replinishing Your Energy - Patti Francis, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-18) » Stewarding Patient Relationships for Success - Sally Knox, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-19) » Creating the Life You Love Part 1: Navigating Life's Decisions After Residency: Panel #1 - Katie Wittwer, MD, Joy Walton, MD, Jessica Ericson, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-20) » Hanging On To Joy in a Sea of Change - Ann Tsen, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-21) » Obesity and Weight Loss: Can Weight Loss Be Sustained? - Sarah Barr, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-22) » Recognizing and Treating Emotional Trauma in Children and Adolescents - Kerry-Ann Williams, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-23) » Why Suffering? - Amy Givler, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-24) » 5 Keys to Creating WPC Community Groups - Bill Reichart     Qty:
(WPC18-25) » Developing Community Groups - Barbara Bittner, MD, Kris Christiansen, MD, Leslie walker, MD, Autumn-Dawn Galbreath, MD, Kellie Hooker     Qty:
(WPC18-26) » Sepsis and Septic Shock: Definition, Diagnosis, and Management - Andrea Braun, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-27) » Creating the Life You Love Part 2: Negotiating Curves and Potholes of Your Career - Holly Austin, MD, Juhi Kangas, MD, Regina Frost, MD, Karen Glover, MD, Tiffany Owens, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-28) » Diagnosing and Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents - Kerry-Ann Williams, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-29) » Joy in Freedom - Stacey Lemanski, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-30) » DSLR Photography: Becoming Picture Perfect - Andrea Braun, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-31) » Sunday am Worship - Lina AbuJamra, MD     Qty:
(WPC18-CD) » - Complete Set of CDs     Qty:
(WPC18-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a flash drive     Qty:
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