International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference

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International Catholic Stewardship Council Annual Conference
Recorded: 10/28/18 in Nashville TN
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(ICSC18-21) » La Introducci?n de la Corresponsabilidad en una Parroquia Peque?a: La Experiencia de St. Alfred - Ana Juarez, Jessica Orzechowski     Qty:
(ICSC18-20) » Managing a Cohesive Annual Appeal Campaign - Theresa Aide, Karen Wenning     Qty:
(ICSC18-19) » Rising Tides Lift all Boats: The Impact of Socially Responsible Investing - Sam Saladino, III     Qty:
(ICSC18-18) » Mythbusters: Stewardship Style! - Elizabeth Zeigler     Qty:
(ICSC18-17) » Ten Things I Wish I?d Known When I Started in Development - Mike McNamara     Qty:
(ICSC18-A) » Sunday Opening Plenary Session - Julianne Stanz     Qty:
(ICSC18-B) » Wednesday Plenary Session - Cardinal Thomas Collins     Qty:
(ICSC18-01) » Stewardship, Discipleship and Evangelization - Reverend C. Jarrod Lies     Qty:
(ICSC18-02) » The Challenges and Rewards of Parish Bilingual Communications - Adriana Fernandez, Lorraine Monaco, Ph.D.     Qty:
(ICSC18-03) » Practical Ideas to Empower Young Adult Stewards in Parish Life - Michaela Barta     Qty:
(ICSC18-05) » Introducci?n a la Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad - Monse?or Justino Sota Mendoza     Qty:
(ICSC18-06) » Strategic Planning for Catholic Schools - Nick Regina     Qty:
(ICSC18-07) » Diocesan Appeals: Don?t Forget the Fundamentals - Jim Kelley, Kerry Ann Tornesello     Qty:
(ICSC18-08) » Increasing Participation from Ethnically Diverse Communities in an Archdiocesan Campaign - Jos? De Jes?s     Qty:
(ICSC18-09) » Catholic Foundations Lead the Way in Planned Giving - Suzanne Nunn     Qty:
(ICSC18-10) » The Evolution of Lay Leadership and Volunteers in Catholic Philanthropy - Larry Dorame, Steve Michalek     Qty:
(ICSC18-11) » Stewardship of Treasure: An Ecumenical Perspective - Mary Ann Otto     Qty:
(ICSC18-12) » Keeping Refreshed, Renewed and Focused on the Mission - Reverend John Weatherill, Teresa Keogh     Qty:
(ICSC18-13) » Stewardship Leads to Evangelization - Reverend Joe Creedon     Qty:
(ICSC18-15) » Stop Telling People to Give, Teach Them How - Cory Howat, Brent Spicer, Jordan Watwood     Qty:
(ICSC18-16) » Putting it All Into Focus: Effectively Managing Financial Aid Resources - Dan Hughes     Qty:
(ICSC18-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
(ICSC18-CD Set) » - Complete Set of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC18-80) » Aplicaci?n de los Principios de Corresponsabilidad en Tiempos de Crisis - Myrtha Diaz Medina     Qty:
(ICSC18-76) » Best Practices in Board Development - Joyce Schreiber     Qty:
(ICSC18-75) » Think You Know Your Church Donors? Think Again! - Walle Mafolasire, Ron Pulliam     Qty:
(ICSC18-74) » How a Parish?s Digital Presence Enhances Stewardship - Jill Alberti     Qty:
(ICSC18-73) » Growing Young: How Stewardship Evangelizes Young People and the Parish - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC18-72) » Church in Crisis: A Steward?s Response for Parish Leaders - Reverend John Bonavitacola     Qty:
(ICSC18-71) » Making Stewardship a Way of Life in Your Parish - Very Reverend Andrew Kemberling, V.F.     Qty:
(ICSC18-70) » Finding Efficiency in Online Giving for Your Annual Appeal - Bridget Daly     Qty:
(ICSC18-69) » What Catholic Donors Want? in Their Own Words - Josephine Wolfe Everly     Qty:
(ICSC18-67_68) » Advancing the Mission of the Church During Times of Uncertainty - Dan Conway, Cande de Leon     Qty:
(ICSC18-66) » Raising Major Gifts for Your School?s Annual Fund - James Friend, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC18-65) » How to Realize Your Potential in Your Parish?s Next Capital Campaign - Michael Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC18-64) » Mission Stewardship: Equipping Disciples to Share Responsibility - Thomas Sonni     Qty:
(ICSC18-63) » You Can Count on Me! A Stewardship and Evangelization Process - Reverend Mark Hamlet, Elizabeth Carrillo     Qty:
(ICSC18-62) » Everyday Leaders Practicing Everyday Stewardship - Tracy Earl Welliver     Qty:
(ICSC18-61) » Lay Witness Speaker Training - Dave Baranowski     Qty:
(ICSC18-60) » Evangelization and Data: Engagement Strategies for Today?s Donor - James Kopp     Qty:
(ICSC18-59) » Foundations and Parishes: Partners or Competitors? - Scott Hartman     Qty:
(ICSC18-58) » Paving the Path Forward: Determining Philanthropic Priorities and Essential Ministries - Peter Hoskow, Jill McNally, Carrie Mummert, Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC18-57) » What We Learned from the 2018 Diocesan/Catholic Foundation Survey - Matthew Manion     Qty:
(ICSC18-56) » Providing Access to Hispanic Families: The Segura Educational Initiative - Gabriela Gonzalez     Qty:
(ICSC18-55) » Do Something About Your Mediocre e-Giving Results! - Brad Otto, Mike Walsh     Qty:
(ICSC18-54) » The Spirituality of Giving: A Primer for Parish Business Managers - Tony Oltremari     Qty:
(ICSC18-53) » Crecer en la Generosidad, Crecer en la Fe - Reverend?simo Donald F. Hanchon     Qty:
(ICSC18-52) » The Joy of Gift: How Stewardship Helps Us Find Purpose - Tommy Shultz     Qty:
(ICSC18-51) » Clergy-to-Clergy Reflections on Stewardship: Our Vocation and Ministry - Reverend John Bonavitacola, Reverend C. Jarrod Lies, Monsignor Anthony Marcaccio, V.F., Reverend John Weatherill     Qty:
(ICSC18-50) » No Room for Doom and Gloom! Let?s Get Positive - Kevin Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC18-49) » Impact of the 2017 Tax Reform Act on Foundations and Supported Ministries - Kevin Schmid     Qty:
(ICSC18-47) » The Fundamentals of Planned Giving - Joseph Chickey     Qty:
(ICSC18-48) » Tell Your Story: How Crowdfunding Can Transform Your Online Giving - Ryan Kreager     Qty:
(ICSC18-46) » Supporting Catholic Schools through Diocesan Support - Paul Acampora, James Friend, Jr., Nick Regina     Qty:
(ICSC18-45) » The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Mission-Driven Churches - Matthew Manion     Qty:
(ICSC18-44) » Accountability and Transparency in Support of Parish Stewardship - Deacon Bob Beehner     Qty:
(ICSC18-43) » Stewardship Through the Lens of Evangelization and Disciple-Making - Tony Brandt, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC18-42) » Discerning People for Discipleship - Reverend Michael White, Tom Corcoran     Qty:
(ICSC18-41) » Keeping Stewardship Alive in the Parish - Monsignor Matthew Bernelli     Qty:
(ICSC18-40) » Behind the Numbers: Using Data to Uncover Your Fundraising Potential - Jonathan Howell     Qty:
(ICSC18-39) » Everything You Wanted to Know About Catholic Foundations (But Were Afraid to Ask) - Patrick Grace, Lesle Knop, CFRE, Gary Rectenwald     Qty:
(ICSC18-38) » Tales from a Successful Endowment Campaign: A Blessing to Priesthood - Mariann Gilbride, CFRE, Stephen Nicholl     Qty:
(ICSC18-37) » From Good to Great: Successful Fundamentals for Your Major Gift Program - Peter de Keratry, CFRE, Guy Mallabone, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC18-36) » Ten Retention Tactics That Yield Results - Dan Rocha     Qty:
(ICSC18-35) » Findings From the 2017 Churchgoer Giving Study - Richard Bauer     Qty:
(ICSC18-34) » Reinvigorating Your Parish Stewardship of Treasure - Mila Glodava     Qty:
(ICSC18-33) » Missionary Families: How Stewardship Helps Busy Families Evangelize - Brian Niebrugge     Qty:
(ICSC18-32) » Manteniendo Viva la Corresponsabilidad en la Parroquia - Monse?or Matthew Bernelli     Qty:
(ICSC18-30) » Using Your Data with Confidence - Actual Success Stories - Kathy Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC18-31) » Bring Faith to Life Through Stewardship of Time and Talent - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC18-29) » Effective Techniques for Harvesting Planned Gifts in Uncultivated Parish Fields - Mark Henry     Qty:
(ICSC18-27) » Doing More with Less: Stewardship and Development in Mission Dioceses - Anne Durney, Reathel Giannonatti, Margaret Hampton, Tom Riordan     Qty:
(ICSC18-26) » Catholic School Marketing Strategies That Work - James Friend, Jr. and Nick Regina     Qty:
(ICSC18-25) » Cultivating Hearts and Empowering Generosity - Paul Goldsworthy     Qty:
(ICSC18-24) » The "Digital" Trinity - Web, Social, and Mobile - Can Fuel Participation and Generosity - Guy Weismantel     Qty:
(ICSC18-23) » Maximizing Parish Communications for Missionary Discipleship - Ren?e Underwood     Qty:
(ICSC18-22) » Evangelization?s Prophetic Witness from a Filipino Parish and the Church of the Poor - Reverend Manuel Vicente Catral     Qty:
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