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International Catholic Stewardship Council
Recorded: 9/12/21 in Orlando FL
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(ICSC21-A) » Sunday Plenary Session - Father Agustino Torres     Qty:
(ICSC21-B) » Monday Plenary Session - Rev. Michael Renninger     Qty:
(ICSC21-C) » Tuesday Plenary Session - Laura Fanucci     Qty:
(ICSC21-D) » Wednesday Plenary Session - Tony Brandt, Christ Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC21-01) » Restore Our Joy!: A New Introduction to the Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Christian Stewardship - Michael Murphy     Qty:
(ICSC21-02) » The 5 Must Have Parish Technology Tools Post-Pandemic - Jason Smith     Qty:
(ICSC21-03) » The Heart of the Mission: Simple Ways to Bring People to Jesus - Cande de Leon     Qty:
(ICSC21-04) » No Recording Available - John Cardenas     Qty:
(ICSC21-05) » The Stewardship of Administration - Kevin Casey, Michael Zirkle     Qty:
(ICSC21-06) » Creating a New Approach for Your Next Appeal Campaign - Theresa Aide     Qty:
(ICSC21-07) » Giving Trends in 2021: Fundraising After COVID-19 - Vish Vass, Bridget Daly     Qty:
(ICSC21-08) » Key Components in Building a Catholic Portfolio - Sloan Smith     Qty:
(ICSC21-09) » Planning for Promise: Fundraising Success Rooted in the Right Plan - Steve Michalek, Angela Gunderson     Qty:
(ICSC21-10) » En el Esp?ritu de San Jose Una Introduccion a la Espiritualidad de la Corresponsabilidad Cristiana / In the Spirit of Saint Joseph: An Introduction to the Spirituality of Christian Stewardship - Alma Benitez     Qty:
(ICSC21-11) » Embracing Christian Stewardship in a Secular World - Brian Doyle     Qty:
(ICSC21-12) » Parish Renewal: How Consistent, Intentional Activity Equals Thriving Parishes - Joanie Lewis, Katie Herzing, Domingo Betancourt, Ray Coogan, Tina Sullivan     Qty:
(ICSC21-13) » Key to an Evangelizing Parish Community: The Concept of Emotional Intelligence - Dr. Dan Ebener     Qty:
(ICSC21-14) » Igniting Vital Mission: Embracing New Realities in Your Community - Dr. Lois Locey, Rev. Chuck Salter     Qty:
(ICSC21-15) » The Liturgy of Light: Lighting for Churches and Cathedrals - Edwin Rambusch     Qty:
(ICSC21-16) » Advanced Strategies to Modernize Your Annual Appeal - Nic Prenger     Qty:
(ICSC21-17) » Why the 82% Don't Give (And How to Change That) - Karen Brown, Matthew Sewell     Qty:
(ICSC21-18) » Strengthening Parish Finances with Parish Endowment Funds and Gift Annuities - Mark Henry, JD     Qty:
(ICSC21-19) » The Spirituality of Stewardship: The Heart of Catholic School Development - Leisa Anslinger     Qty:
(ICSC21-20) » No Recording Available -     Qty:
(ICSC21-21) » Liturgy Informs Stewardship and Stewardship Informs Liturgy - Rev. Joe Creedon     Qty:
(ICSC21-22) » How Our Parish Makes Stewardship a Way of Life - Rev. Robert Kantor, VF, Gloria Carter     Qty:
(ICSC21-23) » Parish Leadership: Building a Sustainable Culture - William Pressprich     Qty:
(ICSC21-24) » Evangelization through Technology - Michelle Fontana     Qty:
(ICSC21-25) » Stewardship Commissions Add Value to Your Parish Pastoral Team - James K. Kelley     Qty:
(ICSC21-26) » Managing a Successful Small Diocesan Development Office - Derek Lyssy     Qty:
(ICSC21-27) » Designing the Modern Post-Pandemic Development Office to Maximize Philanthropic Impact - Thomas Kissane, Marta Sweeney, Carrie Mummert , Paul Dudzic, John Notaro     Qty:
(ICSC21-28) » The Business of Faith: A Case Study of Growth - Sue McEntee, Jonathan Swanson     Qty:
(ICSC21-29) » Fourth Quarter Magic: Ideas for Enhancing Revenues Toward the End of the Year - Mary J. Foley     Qty:
(ICSC21-30) » Usando Las Lecciones Efectivas de la Pandemia para Crear un Modelo Nuevo de la Parroquia /Using Effective Lessons from the Pandemic to Create a New Model of the Parish - Joseph Citro     Qty:
(ICSC21-31) » Stewardship Happens in the Gathering of God's People: A Parish's Stewardship Journey - Christine DeLieto, Laura Worhacz     Qty:
(ICSC21-32) » Financial Well-Being for the Whole Family of God - Jan Engkasser     Qty:
(ICSC21-33) » Stewardship: A Revolutionary Spirituality for Priests - William McDonald     Qty:
(ICSC21-34) » No Recording Available -     Qty:
(ICSC21-35) » No Recording Available -     Qty:
(ICSC21-36) » Get to Know Your Donor Building Blocks: Build a Donor Loyalty Program Beyond Giving Circles - Kathy Dalsaso     Qty:
(ICSC21-37) » Have You Made Your Move Goal? Now Is Not the Time to Stand Still - Kevin Lynch     Qty:
(ICSC21-38) » Blended Gift Strategies and Non-Cash Gifts That Provide a Legacy for the Future - Madelyn Weed     Qty:
(ICSC21-39) » Creating a Culture of Philanthropy to Enhance Your School's Advancement Efforts - Holly Doherty-Lemoine     Qty:
(ICSC21-40) » Involucrar a nuestros Jovenes para el Futuro denuestra Iglesia/Engaging Our Youth for the Future of Our Church - Carlos Bernard, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC21-41) » Growing Giving through COVID-19 - Rev. Michael White     Qty:
(ICSC21-42) » Building Your Total Parish Plan - Thomas Sonni, Tony Gwiazdowski     Qty:
(ICSC21-43) » Stewardship, Missionary Discipleship and Evangelization in a Post-Covid World - Tony Brandt, Chris Stewart     Qty:
(ICSC21-44) » Strategic Re-Engagement of Stewards in a Post COVID-19 Environment - Rev. John Piderit, S.J., Florian Romero     Qty:
(ICSC21-45) » Successful Parish Will Seminars - Abe Berryshimm     Qty:
(ICSC21-46) » The Role of the Diocesan Finance Office to Development Success - Aad DeLange, David Zaleski, Michael Goodwin, Stephen Babcock     Qty:
(ICSC21-47) » Increasing Gifts and Other Building Blocks of Diocesan Appeals - Robert P. Mueller, Jeanne Combos     Qty:
(ICSC21-48) » The Spirituality of Fundraising - Brian Niebrugge, Cory J. Howat     Qty:
(ICSC21-49) » Cultivating and Soliciting Major Donors: Don't Neglect the Fundamentals - James K. Kelley, Michael Murphy     Qty:
(ICSC21-50) » Impactando y Sosteniendo una Recuperaci?n Financiera en la Parroquia: Conceptos y Consejos / Impacting and Sustaining a Financial Recovery in the Parish: Concepts and Tips - Doningo Betancourt, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC21-51) » Clergy-to-Clergy: A Panel of ICSC Pastors Discusses the Effectiveness of Embracing Stewardship in their Parishes - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC21-52) » The Digital Renaissance: Parish Life after the Pandemic - Stephen Lenahan     Qty:
(ICSC21-53) » "Of Course We Can!" Successful Strategies for Fund Development in the Hispanic Catholic Community - Joseph Citro     Qty:
(ICSC21-54) » Welcoming and Engaging Young Adults - Linda Maccarone     Qty:
(ICSC21-55) » How Can You Enable Your Changing Parishes? - Brandon Hollern, Chris Kehayias, Terry Poplava     Qty:
(ICSC21-56) » Transforming Leadership-Level Giving Societies from Transactional to Relational - David Wyrwich, Kate McDonough-Cominsky     Qty:
(ICSC21-57) » Supercharge Your Annual Appeal: Modern Catholic Fundraising Strategies in a Digital World - Michael MacKinnon, Nic Prenger     Qty:
(ICSC21-58) » Charitable Gift Annuities: Great Promise for Your Planned Giving Program - Kevin McGowan     Qty:
(ICSC21-59) » 10 Tips for Better School Advancement Planning and Case Statements - Paul Gesterling     Qty:
(ICSC21-60) » Reflexiones sobre la Corresponsabilidad del Tesoro / Reflections on the Stewardship of Treasure - Most Rev. Donald F. Hanchon     Qty:
(ICSC21-61) » The Bedlam of Love: How a Family of Eight Lives the Spirituality of Stewardship to Grow in Unity and Holiness - Brian & Kathleen Niebrugge     Qty:
(ICSC21-62) » No Recording Available -     Qty:
(ICSC21-63) » Engaging Our Youth for the Future of Our Church - Carlos Bernard, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC21-64) » A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Visual Storytelling - Matthew N. Potter     Qty:
(ICSC21-65) » The Joy of Giving: Stewardship as a Spiritual Practice - Dr. Lois Locey     Qty:
(ICSC21-66) » Making the Spiritual Case for Fundraising - Matt Vuorela, Christopher Beauset     Qty:
(ICSC21-67) » Offertory Enhancement in the Age of COVID-19 - Patrick Grace, Marta Sweeney     Qty:
(ICSC21-68) » Maximizing Donor Engagement with Digital Media After COVID-19 - Scott Whitaker     Qty:
(ICSC21-69) » Mission Driven Advancement: How Our Catholic Identity Guides Advancement Priorities - Amanda Livermore     Qty:
(ICSC21-70) » Llevando la Corresponsabilidad a la Gente, Parroquia por Parroquia / Bringing Stewardship to the People Parish by Parish - Hiram Diaz Belardo     Qty:
(ICSC21-71) » - No Session     Qty:
(ICSC21-72) » The Digital Renaissance: Parish Life after the Pandemic - Stephen Lenahan     Qty:
(ICSC21-73) » Planting the Seeds: Stewardship and Evangelization in Parish Life - An Open Forum - Panel     Qty:
(ICSC21-74) » No Recording Available -     Qty:
(ICSC21-75) » Transform Your Vision into Reality: Establishing a Case and Plan for a Parish Campaign - James Friend, Jr.     Qty:
(ICSC21-76) » Stewardship Renewal: A Critical Tool for Re-Engaging Generous Stewards - Debra Leaverton     Qty:
(ICSC21-77) » The Goal of Communication is Communion - Teresa Peterson     Qty:
(ICSC21-78) » What Church Development Professionals Can Learn From Higher Education - Holly Doherty-Lemoine, Gwen Fairchild, Chris Chapmabn     Qty:
(ICSC21-79) » Enriching and Successful Campaigns for Catholic Schools - Kelly Lazarra, Thomas Sonni     Qty:
(ICSC21-80) » ?Hacia Donde Nos Dirigimos? Planificaci?n de Nuestros Pr?ximos Pasos / Where Do We Go From Here? Planning Our Next Steps - Joseph Citro, Alma Benitez, Hiram Diaz Belardo, Domingo Betancourt, CFRE     Qty:
(ICSC21-CD Set) » - Complete Set Of CDs     Qty:
(ICSC21-Flash Drive) » - All Sessions on a Flash Drive (MP3 format)     Qty:
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