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National Conference On Christian Apologetics
Recorded: 4/8/22 in Rock Hill SC
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(Apolo22-01) » Engage and Equip: A Christian Conversation about Extraterrestrial Phenomena - Hugh Ross; Brian Huffling; Fazale Rana     Qty:
(Apolo22-02) » Should You Follow Your Heart? - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo22-03) » Developing Gentleness and Respect in Evangelism - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo22-04) » Jesus Just Left Chicago - Richard G. Howe     Qty:
(Apolo22-05) » Five Resurrection Facts That Occurred by 36 A.D. - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo22-06) » Defending Truth with a Fearless Faith - Cissie Graham Lynch     Qty:
(Apolo22-07) » Facing the Challenges of Evil Days - Judge Phil Ginn     Qty:
(Apolo22-08) » Debate: Is a Good God Logically Possible? - Richard G. Howe; Brian Huffling; James Sterba     Qty:
(Apolo22-09) » Panel Discussion: Why are Christian 'Celebrities' Abandoning the Faith? - J. Warner Wallace; Alisa Childers; John L. Cooper; Dave Stovall     Qty:
(Apolo22-10) » Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo22-11) » How Can Jesus Be the Only Way? Plus Q&A - Frank Turek     Qty:
(Apolo22-12) » Fit for a Purpose - Fazale Rana     Qty:
(Apolo22-13) » The Use of the Old Testament in the New Testament as an Apologetic - Melton Winstead     Qty:
(Apolo22-14) » The False Gospel of Social Justice - Bernard James Mauser     Qty:
(Apolo22-15) » Apologetics, Evangelism, Discipleship, and the Battle for Your Soul - David Geisler     Qty:
(Apolo22-16) » Persevering Through Persecution - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(Apolo22-17) » Walking Right Side Up In an Upside Down World - Ray Ciervo     Qty:
(Apolo22-18) » Christianity and Slavery - H.C. Felder     Qty:
(Apolo22-19) » Why is Christianity Good and not Bad for the World? - Corey Miller     Qty:
(Apolo22-20) » Scriptural Womanhood in the Twenty-First Century - Nora Hale     Qty:
(Apolo22-21) » Why Apologetics Is Personal: Keeping Human Dignity at the Heart of Defending the Faith - T.J. Gentry     Qty:
(Apolo22-22) » Engaging Muslims in Gospel Conversations - Olin D. Giles     Qty:
(Apolo22-23) » ?Es la Biblia sexista? - Juan Valdes     Qty:
(Apolo22-24) » How to Share a Forensic Faith - J. Warner Wallace     Qty:
(Apolo22-25) » Is Christianity to Blame for White Nationalism?: The Role of Darwinism in the History of Racism - Richard Weikart     Qty:
(Apolo22-26) » UFOs and the Resurrection: Similarities of Evidence Types, Objections, and Replies - Brian Huffling     Qty:
(Apolo22-27) » Apostasy (walking away from the faith) Then and Now: Biblical Causes and Warnings - Doug Potter     Qty:
(Apolo22-28) » The Need for Apologists in a World of Gospel Confusion - Matt Schmidt     Qty:
(Apolo22-29) » Dealing with Wokeness on College Campuses - Eric Chabot     Qty:
(Apolo22-30) » "Worldviews" in Conflict: Classic vs Historic Worldview Theory - Bill Roach     Qty:
(Apolo22-31) » If God Exists, Why Is There Evil? A Biblical Answer - Kyle Keltz     Qty:
(Apolo22-32) » Artificial Intelligence: What's the Big Deal? - Kristen Davis     Qty:
(Apolo22-33) » Good News for a Fake News World: The Biblical Case for the Uniqueness of Jesus from the Old Testament - Jeremy Cummings     Qty:
(Apolo22-34) » Concepts of Goodness and Love in Young Earth Creationism and the LGBT Movement - Eric Gustafson     Qty:
(Apolo22-35) » The Pursuit of Happiness: God's Intention and Man's Confusion - Carey Walton     Qty:
(Apolo22-36) » 5 ideas err?neas acerca de la Biblia que podr?as tener en este momento - Diego Fallas     Qty:
(Apolo22-37) » Is the Shroud of Turin Authentic? - Gary Habermas     Qty:
(Apolo22-38) » Critical Race Theory: The Anthesis of the Gospel and a Mortal Threat to America - Richard Land     Qty:
(Apolo22-39) » Human Exceptionalism and the Image of God in the Age of Darwin - Fazale Rana     Qty:
(Apolo22-40) » Answering Progressive Christianity - Alisa Childers     Qty:
(Apolo22-41) » Mas alla del Bien y el Mal - Luis Felipe Faraj     Qty:
(Apolo22-42) » How We Got the Building Blocks of Life - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(Apolo22-43) » Apologetics Arguments Based on the Value of Human Life - Richard Weikart     Qty:
(Apolo22-44) » Saving Natural Theology from Jeffrey Johnson - Richard G. Howe     Qty:
(Apolo22-45) » Close Encounters with the Spiritual Realm: A Scientific Case for Jesus and Biblical Prophecy - Christopher Winchester     Qty:
(Apolo22-46) » El posmodernismo se queda corto... la Biblia no tiene ese problema - Jorge Gill     Qty:
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