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SES Steadfast Conference
Recorded: 10/13/23 in Rock Hill SC
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(SES23-01) » Weathering Climate Change - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(SES23-02) » Gender Ideology's Assault on Human Nature - What It Is, and How to Beat It - Jay Richards     Qty:
(SES23-03) » Latest Resurrection Evidence From a Lifetime of Research - Ben Shaw     Qty:
(SES23-04) » Lighting Round - Short Thoughts From Three Brilliant Minds - Fazale Rana, Richard G. Howe, J. Thomas Bridges     Qty:
(SES23-05) » Correct, Not Politically Correct About Transgenderism - Frank Turek     Qty:
(SES23-06) » How Leftists Are Infiltrating Churches and Ministries and Co-opting them for Political Purposes - Megan Basham     Qty:
(SES23-07) » A Tale of Two Ships - Phil Ginn     Qty:
(SES23-08) » Ask the Professor Q & A Panel - Richard G. Howe, Doug Potter, Mel Winstead, Timothy Brown, Bernard James Mauser     Qty:
(SES23-09) » Apologetics Has a Face (Part 1) "Misinterpreted Scriptures On Race & Justice - Monique Duson     Qty:
(SES23-10) » Apologetics Has a Face (Part 2) "The Life & Death Implications of Pro-Life Apologetics - Daniel Ritchie, Stephen Cutchins, Janet Davis, M.D.     Qty:
(SES23-11) » Discovery of Finite State Machines Inside Cells Evinces a Creator - Fazale Rana     Qty:
(SES23-12) » Conversations That Matter - Recapturing Our Culture For Christ - David Geisler     Qty:
(SES23-13) » Intro to AI and Faith - Kristen Davis     Qty:
(SES23-14) » Avoiding Misfires in Apologetics - Stephen Cutchins     Qty:
(SES23-15) » Was Christianity the Result of Collective Delusion - Such as the Belief in Aliens, UFO's, Bigfoot and Other Similar Cultural Paranormal Phenomenon Found Today? - Doug Potter     Qty:
(SES23-16) » Correcting the Error That People Can Be Argued Into and Out of The Kingdom of God - Timothy Brown     Qty:
(SES23-17) » Virtuous Apologetics: Cultivating Intellectual and Moral Virtue For Comprehensive Discipleship - Thomas McCuddy     Qty:
(SES23-18) » God & Government-The Christian's Role In A Morally Bankrupt Society - Steven Garofalo     Qty:
(SES23-19) » Steadfast in Their Apologetic - How the Magisterial Reformers Upheld and Defended Classical Theism - Travis Campbell     Qty:
(SES23-20) » Many Slaves Came to America As Christians - H. C. Felder     Qty:
(SES23-21) » The Blessing of a Restless Heart - How God Pursues Us Through Our Desires - Carey Walton     Qty:
(SES23-22) » How Do I Know That I Know - Classical empiricism, Presuppositionalism, and the Psuedo-Problem of the Matrix - Richard G. Howe     Qty:
(SES23-23) » Detecting the Tyranny of Expertise - The Lockdowns, Climate Catastrophism, and Gender Medicine - Jay Richards     Qty:
(SES23-24) » Who's Afraid Of the Multiverse - Jeff Zweerink     Qty:
(SES23-25) » Defend the Faith By Defending the Family - John Ferrer     Qty:
(SES23-26) » Time For A Christian Pride - J. Thomas Bridges     Qty:
(SES23-27) » Did Islam Originate From an anti-Trinitarian Christian Heresy - Daniel Janosik     Qty:
(SES23-28) » Remaining Charitable in the Age of the Earth Debate - Eric Gustafson     Qty:
(SES23-29) » Missional Apologetics - Benjamin Clifton     Qty:
(SES23-30) » Mistaken Identity - How Our Culture's Obsession with Identity Points to God's Existence - Phoenix Hayes     Qty:
(SES23-31) » Unpacking the True Legacy of Roe V. Wade - Helping christians Respond to the Broader Issues in the Abortion Debate With Confidence, Competence, and Compassion - Kelley Keller     Qty:
(SES23-32) » Aesthetics As An Entry Point For Apologetic Engagement - Joel Paulus     Qty:
(SES23-33) » Apologetics and the University - What God is Doing on College Campuses - Eric Chabot     Qty:
(SES23-34) » How to Defend Christianity When Culture Hates You + Q&A - Frank Turek     Qty:
(SES23-35) » The Great Awokening - Monique Duson, Krista Bontrager     Qty:
(SES23-36) » Is Science Immune to Becoming - Woke - Jeff Zweerink     Qty:
(SES23-37) » Responding to the Mormon Missionary Message - Corey Miller     Qty:
(SES23-38) » Jesus and Karl Marx - A Contrast of Worldview - Benard James Mauser     Qty:
(SES23-39) » Sunday School Apologetics - Doug Goforth     Qty:
(SES23-40) » Who Is the God of Theistic Evolution - Tricia Scribner     Qty:
(SES23-41) » Applying Memory Systems to Apologetics - Matt Barclay     Qty:
(SES23-42) » Apologetics in Appalachia - Insights from Contextualizing Methodologies - Mark S. Phillips     Qty:
(SES23-43) » Christ & the Hero Myth - Allen Di Donato     Qty:
(SES23-44) » Does Ken Ham's Defense of Biblical Authority Lead to Biblical Skepticism - Adam Tucker     Qty:
(SES23-45) » Latest Scientific Evidence for God - Hugh Ross     Qty:
(SES23-46) » Examining the Evidence for The Shroud of Turin (with visuals) - Ben Shaw     Qty:
(SES23-47) » The Perfect Story - How to Use Movies for Evangelism and Apologetics - Brian Henson     Qty:
(SES23-48) » Business as a Mission - Mark Whitacre     Qty:
(SES23-49) » The Historical Reliability of Acts - Mel Winstead     Qty:
(SES23-50) » Inerrancy and the Words of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels - A Look at the Issues of Ipsissima Vox and Imsissima Verba - Tom Baker     Qty:
(SES23-51) » Reckoning - How the Movie Tombstone Can Help You Share Truth - Mia Langford     Qty:
(SES23-52) » Sharing the Gospel Like the Apostles - Evangelistic Strategies from the Book Of Acts - Matt Schmidt     Qty:
(SES23-53) » Can You Defend the Christian Worldview - Raymond Ciervo     Qty:
(SES23-54) » Are Marxism and Postmodernism Really Opposites - Joshua Andrew Payne     Qty:
(SES23-55) » God-Talk and the Age of the Earth - Kyle Keltz     Qty:
(SES23-56) » What is Christian Nationalism and Why Does it Matter - Bill Roach     Qty:
(SES23-57) » God, Christianity, & Artificial Intelligence - Kristen Davis, Jay Richards, Jeff Zweerink     Qty:
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